O’Brien Dohne and Poll Merino Annual Sale

Thursday 29th July 2021

Thank you to the bidders and underbidders for your support for our 10th Annual Sale.

O’Brien Poll Merino

  • Top Price $10,000
  • Average Price $2,020
  • Clearance 102/117
Top Priced O’Brien Poll Merino sold to Ramsgate Poll Merino Stud, Tintinara for $10,000. Pictured Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien, Darren O’Brien, Gordon Wood (Nutrien), and Bill Walker (Classings Pty Ltd)

O’Brien Dohne Merino

  • Top Price $3,800
  • Average Price $1,450
  • Clearance 30/40
Top Priced O’Brien Dohne Merino sold to RD and MJ Butcher, Polda Station for $3,800. Pictured Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien, Darren O’Brien, Gordon Wood (Nutrien), Russell Butcher and Melanie Butcher

About us

O’Brien Dohne Merino and O’Brien Poll Merino studs are run by Darren O’Brien and Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien situated in the Kyancutta district of Eyre Peninsula, SA. Kyancutta is renowned for its hot and dry summers with this in mind we breed sheep with excellent nourishment and staple length. We have a stud ewe flock numbering approximately 1100 adult ewes across the O’Brien Poll Merino and Dohne studs.

O’Brien Dohne Merino compared on Merino Select

To accurately compare what our Dohnes offer compared to our Poll Merino and all other Merinos in the Merino Select database, we have prepared the pdf (download below). Our sale team and a lot of other ewes in our mob have been genomic tested, therefore carcass and eating traits for the Dohne Sale Team are documented a first for the Dohne breed.

It is our belief (and not the Dohne Association) that the Dohne breed need to be compared to Merinos, so we can further improve what Dohne’s are good at and work on where they aren’t. Note some people may disagree with our view.

Note there is a lot of data here and not for the faint hearted, but this is the only place it can be reported because Dohne (51) are not searchable in Merino Select.

If you want to play with the data, email and ask for an Excel® version to be sent to you.

O’Brien Dohne Merino No. OB208

O’Brien Poll Merino No. 1470

Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation No. 1305

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