O’Brien Poll Merino top priced ram Lot 19 $7000 buyers DJ &WY Murphy & Sons.

Spud Murphy, Natalie Clark – Landmark, Darren O’Brien, Scrub O’Brien – FPAG, Kane Murphy holding son Arli and Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien

O’Brien Dohne Merino top priced rams Lots 87 and 92 $3200, buyers JH McKenna & Sons and Morgan Ag

Natalie Clark – Landmark, Lyndon Morgan, Darren Morgan, Scrub O’Brien – FPAG, Darren O’Brien, Ty McKenna holding son Cooper, Henry McKenna holding great granddaughter Nahla and Jodie Reseigh-O’Brien

Ram 180510 to be offered at Classings Classic – Click here

O’Brien Dohne Merino No. OB208

O’Brien Poll Merino No. 1470

Ovine Brucellosis Accreditation No. 1305

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